Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Special Halloween Edition: Pig-face meets Pinhead

If this creature comes to your door asking for "treats" (translation: "tina," money, credit cards, checks), run as fast as you can. Let's keep him in the parallel dimension of the third gate of the Cenobite kingdom where he belongs. Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Time to Pay Up, Pig-Face!

Ok, folks, take a look at the face of a thief. There is nothing worse than having your shit stolen, recycled, and not credited. But that's what Pig-face aka the "Gossip WANKSTA" does every day and has been doing for more than a year! It is theft, because his "website" —more like 'wacksite'—pulls in $8,000 an ad! Thus, the photos he steals are used for commercial gain—HIS and his only!

Every photo agency he steals from —x17, splash, wireimage, etc. —charges at least $150 a photo for U.S. rights. So do the math: He has stolen over $15,000 in photos! He thinks it's "okay" because other bloggers do it. That's like saying it's "okay" to eat people because other cannibals do it. There's just no rhyme to Pig-face's reason!

This is what everyone who has had their images stolen by Pig-o should do: Send an invoice to his home address (easy to find: just type in his real name into zabasearch.com) and send him a bill. Tell him if he doesn't pay up for use of your photos within 30 days, you will file a claim against him.

Pig-face: Guilty as charged!

(photo credits for Pig-face n/a)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM ??!! File under: Icky, icky poo

Ok, we all know that Pig-face has always been homely, greasy, and highly unattractive —with a jaw like a hippo's, the nose of a wild boar and a serious water head, what can one expect? Lately, though, things have gotten really bad. Not only does he look like he has downs, but there must be at least 230 pounds on that frame. Medically-speaking, he is obese. Seriously, he looks EMBARASSING. All that sitting on his ass, blogging with his calloused fingers about the exciting lives of the celebs he envies has done serious damage to his already damaged face and "body."

I wish I could say that a little "Dr. 90210" would do him good, but there's no hope for this thing. I mean, he's even gotten nasty, pudgy little girly-hands. WOW.

My friend made this hilarious collage of the obese Pig-face and the once clearly-weight-obsessed-starving Pig-face. More images of Pig-face in his current, morbidly obese stage to come in the next post. Enjoy!

(photo of Pig-face on the left by Caroline Torem-Craig; right photo credit n/a)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pig-face Perez responds

After Pig-face said that Lindsay Lohan is getting "fat," I sent him an email. He replied with a series of extremely bland, but still very spiteful, shameless thoughts. Clearly, Pig-face has a small soul, shallow character and some weird hate for women.

Now tell me, people: Is this not the sign of a sociopath-in-the-making? I start with my email to him; his response follows.

On 10/25/06, S B <> wrote:
I shudder to think that you will actually stand by that comment.

Remember when Sebastian Bach from Skid Row wore a shirt that said "AIDS
kills fags dead" just because he thought he could and didn't care about how
"sensitive" other people were about the issue? Remember how that killed his

Comments like Lindsay Lohan being "fat" will kill your -- dare I say it --
"career," and I use the term loosely. Encouraging eating disorders is
beyond taboo, it is beyond homophobia and racism -- it is literally
encouraging someone to kill themselves, because eating disorders kill. And
that's exactly what you just did.

You know, Perez, I thought you were actually someone with sensitivity -- I
remember reading a post from you months ago, before your site blew up, in
which you described a miserable, depressed, possibly suicidal existence
pre-blogging and how you managed to crawl out of it. It was a long, teary
post, and you sounded genuinely thankful. What happened to you?

Now, I just see someone who is so overwhelmed with some kind of pent-up
anger and mind-blowing envy of the celebrities you hatefully trash.

You need to retract that post about Lindsay, apologize for it, tell people
that you -- although insane and out-of-control -- are still rational enough
to understand that there is nothing funny about eating disorders.

Do it or you will forever be scum, insensitive scum, in many peoples' books.

From : Perez Hilton
Sent : Wednesday, October 25, 2006 6:59 PM
To : "" <@hotmail.com>
Subject : Re: Your "fat" Lindsay post

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I will not retract it. I love that post. I aimed to shock and be
controversial and get a lot of comments on the post. And it worked.

On 10/25/06, <> wrote:
Ah, I see. You know what will be shocking? When you start looking at your
hits and seeing them plummet. It may not happen overnight, but Perez, the
laws of empty celebrity dictate that they will plummet eventually. And you
will plummet with them.

Look at what just happened: You turned someone -- me-- from a fan into a
hater literally in a second. Are you realizing at all, somewhere in the
crevices of your big head, that you have just done the same thing to
thousands of other former visitors to your site?

Remember when Sinead O'Connor ripped the Pope's picture on SNL -- that was
really controversial, and boy were people talking. Then, they started
smashing her records, then booing her, and then eventually she became a pop
culture cast-off and has remained that way since.

Some things people just don't forgive.

I don't think people are going to forgive you, Perez. Think about that.

RIP Perez Hilton

From : Perez Hilton
Sent : Wednesday, October 25, 2006 7:23 PM
To : "" <@hotmail.com>
Subject : Re: Re: Your "fat" Lindsay post

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I've posted worse things. And I will continue to do so. People should
know what to expect.

On 10/25/06, <> wrote:

Exactly. People now know what to expect, and that's why they will stop
visiting your site. You said that right on the money! People will leave
you. Isn't that funny? Yeah, life is funny that way. One day they love you,
the next they leave you.

It's just so amazing to me, so sad really, that you still can't understand
why it's so wrong, so horribly wrong, immoral to say that a thin girl should
be even thinner. Especially a girl who's had weight issues in the past. The
fact that it's shocking and controversial is beside the point -- it's wrong,
it's incredibly immoral, horribly stupid, and those kinds of statements
should be punished. Like I said, your punishment will be your fans
abandoning you.

A lyric from Lauryn Hill applies well in this situation:
"And if you don't change then the rain soon come
See you might win some but you just lost one"

From : Perez Hilton
Sent : Wednesday, October 25, 2006 7:54 PM
To : "" <@hotmail.com>
Subject : Re: Re: Re: Your "fat" Lindsay post

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I don't really care if people who don't appreciate my humor don't visit my site.

Boycott Perez Hilton

To all those who have lately been really digusted and offended by what this Perez fool has been saying about people on his site:

Fuck him! Don't visit his site. Boycott it! The only way you can get him to care is to ignore him! Don't post comments on his site, post them here! Discuss here!

I had an email conversation with him today, in which he revealed just what an immoral moron he really is -- even worse than he portrays himself on his blog. Read it in a second.