Monday, January 22, 2007


Who's that chunky Pig-face in the pics? We don't know, we'll never know! Wireimage won't reveal the identity of this nobody. Does Pig-face know, when he's mugging for the Wireimage cameras at Sundance, that he will be credited as an "unknown" -- just a face in the crowd, "some dude"? I bet he don't. He thinks he's special. Nuh-uh! Not you, Pig-face. You're just a pathetic blogger who got infamy for calling celebrities nasty names and revealing "breaking news." All the information on your website is hearsay, just like all other blogs, until it's officially confirmed on You are just a rumour spreader, Pig-face!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pig-face:'s "Unknown Guest" of the Century!

Hey gang,

This is just too funny! -- perhaps the biggest, most established celebrity online photo agency -- obviously does not like Pig-face. So much so that in every single picture that he has appeared in for the past year or so, he is always captioned as "unknown guest." You just have to laugh at the sheer embarassment. Just go on wireimage, folks, and type "unknown guest" in the search bar. Guess who's the ONLY person that comes in the search -- that's right our much behated Pig-face!

And what an apt caption for him -- once a nobody, always a nobody, no matter how hard he tries.

Above is just a selection of images from wire of our favorite "unknown guest" -- he's on 2 pages of photos, and in EVERY SINGLE ONE, without exception, he is not credited with a name. Just a nameless, sad, little loser Pig-face, trying to blend in with the famous people he envies so relentlessly.