Tuesday, December 26, 2006

How to draw a Pig-face

Galleryoftheabsurd.com — an always hilarious site to navigate, thanks to its very talented artist/owner—has posted this awesome image of icky Piggy-face. It's becoming very evident to me that all the intelligent, genuinely talented people of the blogging world, including readers and creators, feel the same way about Pig-face as I do.

*By the way, someone has noted that my reference to piggies in Pig-face's nickname is an insult to the animal -- and while I love piggies and think they are wonderful, cute creatures, the fact remains that a pig's face looks attractive only on a pig, not a human. Pig-face here, unfortunately for him (fortunately for us), has been cursed with a fat, pink face eerily resembling a pig's. And there's nothing "cute" about that.