Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Piggie Face got Slap Chopped (and we're all laughing)

Oh boy, has it been a while. The fact that I haven't posted is only because Piggie Face has become too much of a redundant bore to even warrant discussing. However, a recent event has compelled me to return with a few words of wisdom.

As most of you who follow the 'bloids (that's tabloids, to the uninitiated) know, Piggie Face Hilton got a beat down from someone in the black eyed peas crew. At last!

I quietly chuckled to myself when I heard the news, because DUH! who didn't see this one coming. As any pussy would do, Piggie didn't fight back and instead cowered and ran away like a little girl.

It's interesting to observe how the media has been responding to this. No one and I mean NO ONE seems to have any sympathy for Piggsie Pig. He has alienated anyone and everyone that had previously been on his side, including GLAAD. As an openly gay man, you have to be one serious fuck-up to actually upset GLAAD. Because if it wasn't for organizations like GLAAD, Piggie face would still be in the closet, that I guarantee.

It's time that this little schmuck finally got properly bullied. I'm sure it's all giving him vivid flashbacks to High School, where he definitely sat on the short bus.

Here's an awesome pic of Piggie face cowering from his blows like a little bitch. Viva La Revenge!